the standover man.

12. října 2011 v 15:55 | nobody.
"All my life I've been scared of men standing over me. I suppose my first standover man was my father, but he vanished. For some reason when I was a boy, I liked to fight. A lot of the time, I lost. Another boy, sometimes with blood falling from his nose, would be standing over me.
Many years later, I needed to hide. I tried not to sleep because I was afraid of who might be there when I woke up. But I was lucky. It was always my friend. When I was hiding, I dreamed of a certain man. The hardest was when I traveled to find him. Out of a sheer luck and many footsteps, I made it.
I slept there for a long time. Three days, they told me... and what did I find when I woke up? Not a man, but someone else, standing over me. As time passed by, the girl and I realised we had things in common. But there is one strange thing. The girl says I look like something else.
Now I live in a basement. Bad dreams still live in my sleep. One night after my usual nightmare, a shadow stood above me. She said "Tell me what you dream of." So I did. In return she explained what her own dreams were made of. Now I think we are friends, this girl and me.
On her birthday, it was she who gave a gift-to me. It makes me understand that the best standover man I've ever known is not a man at all."
The Book Thief

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