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~"I should have told you earlier," she said.
As promised, they walked far down the road toward Dachau. They stood in the trees. There were long shapes of light and shade. Pinecones were scattered like cookies.
Thank you, Rudy.
For everything, for helping me off the road, for stopping me...
She said none of it.
Her hand leaned on a flaking branch at her side. "Rudy, if I tell you something, will you promise not to say a world to anyone?"
"Of course." He could sense the seriousness in the girl's face, and the heaviness in her voice. He leaned on the tree next to hers. "What is it?"
"I did already."
"Do it again. You can't tell your mother, your brother, or Tommy Müller. Nobody."
"I promise" ~

(The Book Thief, page 347)

Chtěla bych mít taky kamaráda Rudyho. Prosím!


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